Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold Automn Night

Walking out of the house on a lonesome afternoon I am wondering through empty streets.
Not sure of my destination,
the foot is blind.
I hesitate and wonder
Do I turn left?
Shall I go straight?
Following my instinct, I am leaving everything behind.
My feet stamp the pavement.
Demonstrating how I feel.
One after the other I am being carried away.
I am led by an emotion inside of me, wanting to burst
Trees from the distance.
Grass covered grounds at last.
I am crossing a side street, keeping my direction.
It is cold tonight, but my skin is feeling hot.
I have left my comfort zone.
Sillyness overcomes me but I ignore it’s presence.
No turning back.
I follow my needs of being alone.
There is this spot I can see from the distance.
Isolated from the rest.
Green rain-nourished trees form a grid, making it hard for me to see what’s behind.
With every step I take, I feel relief.
No longer master of my actions, anger has taken over.
He pushes me forward, making me go quiet.
I forgot about him, but his appearence is too strong to be forgotten in a weak moment like this.
Where he came from, I don’t remember.
All I know is that he had his reasons to appear.
We walk along together now, holding hands romantically.
He reads my mind and boosts my thoughts with his wisdom.
Without him, I would have stayed at home, feeling uneasy.
But he wooed me out of there, taking me away on his journey.
I am sitting down now, in the middle of that no man’s land.
Suddenly I am struck by sorrow.
Not knowing what to do with it I look to my left,
hoping to get some advise from my friend.
But he is gone.
Vanished, without a word of gentleness.
I am left alone, feeling guilty
My mood is playing tricks on me turning my mind into a magic performance!
As I get up slowly, the red theater curtain moves to the side mechanically
And all I see is sillyness.
I command my feet to take me home,
closing in on this wasted time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Out of the dusk a shadow,
Then a spark;
Out of the cloud a silence,
Then a lark;
Out of the heart a rapture,
Then a pain;
Out of the dead cold ashes,
Life again.